Kinetic Flower

Erin du Vair

Erin is a frisbee playing materials science major who can never seem to remember where she put her phone. She enjoys designing and building sets for school productions, and hopes to someday go into sustainable design.

Chris Hill


Hailing from the suburbs of Cary North Carolina, Chris Hill is perfect human being.  After being transplanted to the cold north east, his native habitat has shifted to the campus of Olin and Wellesley.  He is a simple creature that lives off of air, dubstep, and mechanical design.  He is also slightly obsessed with goggles, steampunk, science fiction, and Indian food.

He also enjoys reading William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and the sides of cereal boxes.

Casey Landey

From  tin bronze test samples, to cast silicon bronze sphinxes, to dancing sheet-brass flowers, Casey Landey has been playing with copper alloys for nearly a year straight. She is a mechanical engineering major from Virginia who has a love of hot sauce and strange art, and also enjoys pad thai and reading classic science fiction.

In the future, Casey intends to find a career that can satisfy her passions for engineering, machining, art, and design.